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The Story Of Stiletto Coffee In The Huffington Post

We're pretty proud that our founder's story was just featured in the Huffington Post.  If you don't know the full story behind Stiletto Coffee and Kenia Costanzo, it's a fun short read, filled with lots of drama and excitement :).

Stiletto Coffee Huffington Post

12 Things You Should Know About Strong, Independent Women

Woman and Independence; two words that can be the worst nightmare of insecure men when used together.  

But you better get used to it as they are coming to destroy patriarchy!

1. Asking for permission? Never heard of it!

They do whatever they want, whenever and wherever they feel like it. They have the full control of their lives.

2. Independent women always have their own opinions

It was ages ago when women were expected to follow the lead of men and look up to their opinions. It's the time of strong, ambitious women who stand up for their own ideas and pursue their own desires.

3. They don't need approval.

They are mature and self confident enough to take responsibility for their actions. They neither want nor expect others' approval.

4. They don't retreat or get intimidated easily.

They are not the types that would give up on something easily. On the contrary, other people often get intimidated by their courage.

5. They don't need men in their lives to tell them what to do.

Of course they may want to have someone in their lives, but they just don't depend on them. She is all for an equal relationship.

6. There is no room for possessive men in their world.

They don't cry at nights for having someone in their lives that would love and embrace them. They are aware that they are not commodities; so they won't let any man to be more possessive of them than they are of men.

7. They don't mind being in the spotlight.

Independent women can't just content themselves with the role of "the woman behind a successful man". On contrary, they like to be prominent, at the center of attention.

8. They always improve themselves by reading, traveling, doing research…

Independent women are generally curious souls. They like discovering new places, making new friends, seeing new movies and reading new books. They set the boundaries of their own journey, and soon they realize that there is no boundaries!

9. They are self sufficient.

Their mission in this world is to disprove all the old school bullshits like "Women are weak, they need to be protected bla bla." They can be alone and fine, they know how to protect herself very well.

10. Independent women have high self-esteem.

They are totally aware of their qualities, experiences and womanhood. They are always there to show what it means to be woman to those who think it's a weakness.

11. Independent women also know how to struggle for their career

They are natural warriors! Despite the glass ceiling, gender pay gap or all the other intimidations, they survive all the challenges and overcome all the obstacles between them and professional success.

12. They don't play games or pull tricks.

They are way too classy to play cheap games. They build their relationships based on mutual trust and honesty. They like to be genuine and expect the same thing from their partners. They don't pretend or pose!

Stiletto Coffee Is For Strong Women

Founded by Kenia Costa, a Brazilian immigrant who had to fight hard to succeed and even harder to launch her brand of coffee nationwide, now being shared in celebrity circles, here's the story that started it all.

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