The 13 Types Of Friends Every Woman Has Throughout Her Life

High school friends. College friends. Single friends. Married friends. Church friends. Work friends. Gym friends. Going out friends.

As women, we make a lot of different types of friends in our lifetime! We are always evolving, changing, and bettering ourselves, so it only makes sense. Who you are in your 20s is much different than the path you’re carving in your 40s. Some friendships come and go, some change as you both do, and some remain steady for a lifetime. Here’s X# friends every woman has at some point in her life.


The co-worker friend is found in every single office, wherever you work, at every stage of life, so there may be multiple co-worker besties throughout your 20s and 30s. She’s the one who backs your every word and thought as you divulge on your recent review with your boss. Or the one you can go to to detail out just how crazy it drives you when your cube mate does that clicky thing with his pen. The one who is just as unenthused as you are about your 3 percent raise when you thought it would be much more.

Sometimes the co-worker becomes a friend outside of the office, though then it becomes a different story and usually involves a trusty pinot or three. Nonetheless, the conversation will likely be entirely constructed of office moaning and gossip, and it’s almost certain this friendship will fade or end as soon as one of you gets a new job.


You can't remember the last time she stayed out past 11pm and most of the time she can be found at home with her other half. But it's okay, because you can tell that they are genuinely happy to be living their well-contained life. This friend provides a sense of comfort and grounding and is always on hand to give a sympathetic hug or invite you over for a homecooked meal.


We ALL have one of these mates, at least in our twenties. The girlfriend who is the ultimate fun but let's face it, more often than not you can’t trust this friend as far as you could throw her. She might cancel plans last minute or ignore texts, but when she shows up, she brings the party. She’s the one pouring shots, chatting up everyone in the room and setting great vibes! Sometimes, this friend will stay in the party phase forever, but if she is just as driven by her own version of success as she is by a good time, she may be worth bringing along into your thirties.


They were your entire social world in high school and together you took on challenge after another known as adolescence. She was there for your first kiss, your first heartbreak, your first taste of booze, braces and pimples. You’ve probably had at least one falling out, and this is the friend that you can argue with over something petty, stop talking to, and then call an hour ater because you have something super important to tell her. Although you may or may not speak much now, when you are together it's like nothing has changed.


When everyone always asks why you aren't together, you laugh and secretly feel a little grossed out. He is like a brother… ew! Every girl has that one guy friend to get that all-important male perspective. Whether gay or straight, he knows a hell of a lot more than you do about the opposite sex and always has your back. And since it’s platonic (or at least you think it is ;)), he's a great wingman. You may also be wingwomaning with this friend though.


Ah, the frenemy. I defy you to show me a 40 year old woman who has never had a “frenemy” in her life. A somewhat toxic person who poses as a friend but may not be singing your praises all the time or behind your back. This woman usually holds the dynamic of being untrustworthy yet dependable, superficial yet comforting; all the things you wish you were and all the things you're glad you're not. She's the one you hate to love and love to hate.


This is your girlfriend who knows exactly what she wants out of her career and isn’t waiting on anyone else to get it for her. This friend is super important to have around to continue to inspire your professional and life development. She is driven, yet knows how to have a good time because she is always making connections left and right. You may be more likely to encounter this friend in your (or her!) thirties rather than twenties.


This is the ‘hurts so good’ friend. The one that won’t bullshit you, and that won’t lie to you to spare your feelings. She tells it how it is, and you appreciate her unwavering commitment to telling the truth. This is the friend who asks the tough question, or helps point out that your boyfriend/boss/roommate actually has a good point. They’re not rude or malicious, but they won’t sugarcoat anything for you. This friend is great because they keep you humble, help you to see a different perspective, and encourage you to keep growing and changing.


This is the friend you’ve known for awhile, and you just always seem to be at different stages of your life. If you’re married, she’s single. If you have kids, she doesn’t. If you’re selling all your stuff and traveling for a year, she just bought a house. You get the picture. We have much to learn from women who are in different life stages than we are, and even though it can be a little tough to find time to hang out, this is a great friendship to keep around for the long haul.


Every woman needs a friend who pushes the limits and inspires you to step outside of your comfort zone. Her free spirit and curiosity make your insides cringe up, but in a good way. An everyday conversation with this friend can easily prompt the desire to quit your job and buy a one-way ticket to Australia, or go backpack Southeast Asia. This friend always marches to the beat of her own drum and may challenge your definition of success. surrounding yourself with her spunk and appetite for life is instrumental to your growth.


Every woman has a friendship like this at one point in their lives. This is the friend you text, G-chat, Snapchat, and tag each other in Insta posts all the live long day. You inform her when you notice a new freckle or can't decide what to have for lunch. She's basically the friend who you're dating.


Some best friends are harder to keep in touch with, especially when you're living in different places. But your lack of communication doesn't take away from the value of the friendship.

Months can go by and with one phone call, but the two of you pick up right where you left off. With this friend, time is irrelevant. Your friendship is as instinctive as breathing; you don't need to be conscious of it to know it's as strong as ever.


The friend who is always down to grab a bite, a cocktail, or hit a sale with. This is the friend who is always game to do something last minute and generally has a very flexible credit card. This friend should be one you can always rely on honest feedback when trying clothes on and someone you can share a plate with.

These types of friendships tend to know each others’ measurements and food preferences as well as their own.

Are you thinking about all of your beautiful besties from every time period of your life yet? We sure are! How about sending them a bag of delicious coffee, made for women by women to let them know you’re thinking of them?


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