These 13 Sexy Guys Drinking Coffee Will Destroy Your Productivity Today

A woman cannot survive on coffee and stilettos alone. Sometimes we need candy... EYE candy to go with our morning Joe.  And for your information, this may have been the single most fun and distracting blog post to written by any woman ever.

We discovered these handsome hunks from our favorite Instagram eye-candy purveyor @MenAndCoffee where we have spent hours wasting time and basically ruining our motivation to work. 

Tattoos never looked so hot!
McSteamy has nothing on you!
I love a sensitive man!
I do love a great Jamaican Blue Mountain
All American Cute!
I'm just going to jump over this counter and join him!
JBF Hair on a guy never looked so good!
Hello Boys!
Hope he's thinking about me!
Yes, fill me up please!
I wish I were his neighbor right about now
I would never make this bed again

If man can have Sports Illustrated and Victoria's Secret magazines, we can Men and Coffee.  

Yeah, we know you bookmarked this page, it's our secret.  You're one of us...

And just who are we?

Stiletto Coffee, and we've been called "the sexiest coffee in the world" for good reason.

Not only do we only source, roast and deliver to you the most delicious coffee beans available anywhere, we do it in style.  And a portion of every bag sold benefits women's programs through our Impact Program.

So who drinks Stiletto Coffee?

...The busy mom, the career professional, and the woman balancing both. It’s for ambitious ladies leading lives of adventure, advancement and achievement and the woman who knows it’s going to be her turn soon.

It’s for the rebel who refuses to conform and independent women who cherish their relationships but aren’t defined by them.

It’s for the princess and the punk rocker (because we know you can sometimes be a little bit of both).

For the women who are extremely classy, a bit sassy and just like our coffee, they’re hot as hell, pure as an angel and sweet as love. 

This is our founder, Kenia Costanzo and her story about how she started off as a Brazilian immigrant, moved the US, kicked ass, started Stiletto Coffee and how she's giving back to women.

And now, if you want to try our coffee, simply click the bag below and we'll show you what we have...

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- Andrea M.

"Coffee with a conscience! My 2 favorite addictions... coffee and shoes!

- Melissa C.

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