5 Surprising Health Benefits Of Coffee

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We all know that coffee improves energy levels, but there's some surprising health benefits that coffee lovers should know about. Because coffee contains caffeine (a stimulant), it is the perfect pick-me-up for your memory, attentiveness, mood and even disease protection.

Coffee can help to reduce your chances of developing Type II Diabetes

 Drinking both caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee can help to reduce your risk of getting Type II Diabetes because coffee has a significant amount of antioxidants that aid the human body’s health. According to one series of observational studies, coffee drinkers were shown to have 7% reduction in risk of Type II Diabetes with each daily cup. Several other studies have shown that people who drink coffee have as high as 67% (with an average of anywhere from 20-50%) of disease risk reduction. Type II Diabetes is a disease that is all too common,associated with both diet and age, and thus, any risk reduction is a positive addition to each and every one of our lives.

The caffeine in coffee can help to lower your risk of Parkinson’s disease

 Parkinson’s disease is one that is progressive and attacks the nervous system, resulting in pain, nerve irritation and even uncontrollable tremors. Parkinson’s disease is chronic and incurable and causes issues with nerve cells in the brain, severely affecting movement. Though it is not fatal, it does reduce longevity. It's been found that coffee can help to reduce the risk of the disease as well as potentially help people already affected by the disease. All the more reason to get your daily cup of joe!

Coffee can help to lower the risk of neurodegenerative diseases and keep your brain healthy

Conditions like Alzheimer’s and dementia and other memory problems start to affect populations as they reach older ages. Drinking coffee regularly (albeit moderately) can help a person delay the onset of these neurodegenerative diseases. Researchers found that people who drank coffee everyday had approximately 65% of a reduced risk of developing dementia or Alzheimer’s disease later in their life. Additionally, researchers from the University of Miami found that persons above 65 years of age with higher levels of caffeine in their blood systems developed neurodegenerative diseases a few years later in life than those with less caffeine.

Coffee can also protect the liver

 Coffee has been proven to assist in protecting against cirrhosis, which is a liver condition that often develops as a result of diseases and issues like fatty liver tissue, hepatitis C, overconsumption of alcoholic drinks, and so on. Cirrhosis can lead to cancer and liver failure, so it is of the utmost importance to do what is possible to protect our bodies from such ailments. Up to four cups of coffee a day has been proven to assist in up to 80% risk reduction of cirrhosis. Coffee-drinking has been shown to help in protecting the liver against non-alcoholic liver disease, too.

Coffee can help you feel happier

 Coffee has been linked to lower levels of depression and suicide. The caffeine in coffee aids in the production of neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine, which at low levels, heighten a person’s risk for depression. The antioxidants further support a healthy body, which in turn helps to keep a healthy mind and heart.

We know that coffee helps energize and boost a person’s memory and other cognitive functions, but coffee does so much more for our bodies. Moderate coffee intake not only increases performance and drive, but helps to keep the mind and body healthy and protected.

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