How To Find Your Favorite Coffee Beans

Let's face it, the majority of the world's coffee tastes very similar. How many times have you walked down the coffee aisle at the grocery store only to be unenthused at the choices you're presented with?

We believe coffee should be celebrated! It gets us going every single morning (if you're anything like us anyway). It's more than just a morning beverage, it's a way of life.

If you're guilty of calling yourself a coffee lover and the extent of the excitement in your coffee life is the discovery of "Yay! Starbucks Dark Roast is on sale!" as you walk down aisle 5, it's time you start to explore the wide world of specialty, premium coffee beans. 

First thing's first (and this is the fun part!), you need to learn what kind of coffee beans you enjoy the most. There's a few things to consider.

Arabica vs Robusto Beans
To make it simple, your taste buds probably want Arabica. There are a lot of subtle differences, but in general Arabica beans are grown in higher altitude regions and are known for their smooth, slightly acidic texture. Robusto beans are grown in lower altitudes and tend to be stronger and more bitter.

Find Your Flavor Profile
We love this coffee flavor profile by country. It hits most of the top coffee growing regions. Which of these sounds good to you?

Decide which flavors you want to explore and start looking for ways to get small samples sent to you online.

Go Direct
Continuing on the aforementioned grocery store comment- they just don't carry many great options. If you want the highest quality, most times you should buy direct from the company online. This opens the door wide open to getting coffee delivered to you from all over the world. Buying direct will ensure the freshest beans, and you'll be supporting artisans honoring the tradition of great coffee. 

Remember, you always want to buy whole bean coffee and grind it yourself at home to keep the bean's oils and flavors as fresh as possible.

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