The Lipstick Stain: Coffee As a Fashion Statement

the lipstick stain

Double shot of espresso. Caramel latte. Dirty chai tea latte. No foam cappuccino. Skinny macchiato. Starbucks. Dunkin Donuts. McCafe, and of course (Stilleto Coffee). However you like it, coffee is a part of all our lives and an undissolvable piece of our everyday culture.

Coffee has become something more than just our daily dose of energy; it's quietly transformed into a fashion trademark for people across the globe.

Work culture is recognized for its use of coffee as a means to stay awake through long days at the office, and as an excuse to network and as the shiny new interns work to earn brownie points by memorizing the coffee orders of their bosses.

We know somebody is working hard to build a name for themselves when they’ve got two drink carriers in one hand and a phone in another. (Even if you aren't busy... LOOK busy!)

coffee as a fashion statement

Starbucks is one of our most promising accessories because it goes with everything, and comes in a variety of flavors.

Coffee shops even seem to be where the paparazzi get a lot of their footage of celebrities doing their everyday thing. 

It’s not hard for us to get this statement piece either, what with there being a coffee shop on every corner.

Ladies, I think we can all agree that there is no more perfect place to put a beautiful lipstick stain than on our coffee cups. It is truly an artform, and an instagram-able one at that.

There is power behind a girl who wears bold lipstick and carries a hot cup of her favorite coffee. This look has incorporated itself into the social media world, as bloggers and instagramers make it a point to publish stylish images involving their lipstick stained lattes as the focal point, and their current location as the background. 

lipstick stain
Coffee in our day and age has exceeded its purpose of being the perfectly caffeinated beverage. An entire coffee-loving-culture has emerged from it, and within it, a diverse fashion movement. 

Whether it’s students struggling to stay awake, world leaders discussing business, or interns trying to establish a name for themselves, coffee has become a universal fashion statement whose synonym is "business."

Coffee has become the trademark fashion statement for getting shit stuff done.

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