Stiletto Coffee Helps Women Wake Up, Rise Up And Break Glass Ceilings

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Kenia Costanzo,
Founder, Stiletto Coffee
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For driven women with exquisite class and a touch of sass, who are head-over-heels for amazing coffee, there's a new brand that might just fit like a new pair of Louboutins.

Stiletto Coffee is a woman-owned coffee company that imports, roasts and delivers fresh, specialty-grade coffee beans directly to customers, most of whom are also women.

As an “uplifting” brand, Stiletto Coffee promises to help women wake up, rise up and break glass ceilings.

The company was founded by Brazilian-immigrant turned American-entrepreneur, Kenia Costanzo. In addition to roasting world-class coffee, its mission is to uplift, inspire and help women by funding initiatives and charities that serve women with a portion of the proceeds from each bag of coffee sold.

Kenia’s own story is an example of what driven women can achieve regardless of their circumstances in life. Born in a small town in Minas Gerais, Brazil, Kenia grew up amidst the coffee plantations that sustained the local economy until she immigrated to the United States with her ex-husband in 2001, excited to start their lives.

But the next few years were very turbulent as a divorce left Kenia on her own, with broken English, a broken heart, and a broken bank account. Kenia took a job at a department store makeup counter to learn English and quickly became the top sales person. She then entered the mortgage business and rose to the Chairman’s Club, reserved for the top-earners and with a six-figure paycheck.

Now happily married and living in San Diego, California, Kenia started Stiletto Coffee with the support of her husband, also a serial entrepreneur to rekindle her passion, celebrate amazing women and make a difference their lives.

When asked about why she chose the name “Stiletto” for her coffee Kenia replied, “Stiletto heels are beautiful and elegant but can be painful. The key to wearing them well is to feel the pain and wear them anyway. It’s similar to being a professional woman or an entrepreneur, trying to balance career and family in a male dominated business. Women may make it look glamorous, but it rarely feels like it.”

Kenia continues “Stiletto Heels help a woman rise up, literally, on their toes.  Stiletto Coffee helps a woman rise up out of bed with a kickstart to her day. And Stiletto Coffee’s impact program of helps women ‘rise up’ in life.”

Stiletto Coffee is currently offering three styles for different tastes, each a with a fun and inspired name:

  • Little Black Dress is their signature house blend named for it’s versatility as a staple in any woman’s wardrobe.
  • Elevation is a dark, single-origin Peruvian organic named for its origin in the high Andean mountains as well as the tendency for heels to elevate a woman.
  • Gloria Colombiana is a lighter roast, single origin Colombian Supremo bean that celebrates all things Colombia.

Stiletto Coffee is for the busy mom, the career professional, and the woman balancing both. It’s for ambitious ladies leading lives of adventure, advancement and achievement and the woman who knows it’s going to be her turn soon.

Stiletto Coffee is available for single purchase, subscription or wholesale on their secure website and each comes in a black satin drawstring gift bag at

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What Our Customers Are Saying

"I'm so glad I found you Stiletto! This is the best damn coffee I've ever had, and I'm picky!"

- Megan S.

"I love knowing that the coffee I drink makes a difference! #GirlPower!"

- Jenny B.

"I've was a barista for 6 years, I know coffee, these beans could win a taste test with anyone! "

- Andrea M.

"Coffee with a conscience! My 2 favorite addictions... coffee and shoes!

- Melissa C.

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