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Stiletto Coffee, a woman-owned, ultra-premium coffee brand for women, is making specialty coffee consumption indulgent and impactful by allocating a portion of it’s profits to women’s initiatives and programs.

We source 100% specialty-grade Arabica beans from sources we know and trust who are sustainable, and environmentally and economically conscious and use time-tested artisanal roasting methods to achieve an exceptionally indulgent flavor.

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The Story of Stiletto Coffee & Kenia Costanzo

The Founder: Kenia Costanzo:

Stiletto Coffee is a woman-owned business, founded in 2015 by Kenia Costanzo, a Brazilian immigrant who tapped her love for coffee, entrepreneurial enthusiasm and passion for helping women by creating a coffee that helps women wake up and rise up, both in the morning and in life.

Kenia Costanzo was born in Minas Gerais, Brazil. She immigrated legally to the United States in 2001 at the age of 23, speaking no English, without a college education and without much in the form of savings, but with an insatiable drive to succeed and take advantages of the opportunities in her new country. Over the next decade she created a successful career as a mortgage officer and in 2015 she and her supportive husband and partner Brad Costanzo, launched Stiletto Coffee nationwide.

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Ambition:  Fair Trade Organic Blend

Available in 12, 16 and 32 oz whole bean or ground:

A gorgeous Medium Roast with a bright but complex taste. You'll discover hints of chocolate, nutty notes and a sexy citrus that come together beautifully with a sweet, toasty aroma that's complemented with a rich, full body, bright acidity and a smooth finish.


Little Black Dress:  Signature Blend

12 oz whole bean or ground:  

A darker MEDIUM roast and blended to achieve a rare and complex taste with bold hints of chocolate, nuts and sultry smoke with a smooth body that's guaranteed to please any connoisseur.




Elevation:  Organic, Single Origin Peruvian

12 oz whole bean or ground:

A gorgeous Single Origin, Organic bean from Peru, Dark roasted with smokey flavor and a chocolate body. It's balanced with a mild, creamy and sweet finish and blends well with cream or is brilliant served black.




Gloria Colombiana

12 oz whole bean or ground:

Single Origin roast that uses only the highest grade of Colombian Supremo beans and is sourced from the volcanic highlands of the Huila region of Colombia.





“You’ll Never Go Back” Blend

12 oz whole bean or ground

Blended with only 100% specialty grade Arabica beans from South America, this blend boasts a rich, dark roast flavor, a sultry and smoky aroma with an amazingly smooth finish. It is memorable, bold and intense! The flavors burst forth and make all other coffees seem weak by comparison.



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What Our Customers Are Saying

"I'm so glad I found you Stiletto! This is the best damn coffee I've ever had, and I'm picky!"

- Megan S.

"I love knowing that the coffee I drink makes a difference! #GirlPower!"

- Jenny B.

"I've was a barista for 6 years, I know coffee, these beans could win a taste test with anyone! "

- Andrea M.

"Coffee with a conscience! My 2 favorite addictions... coffee and shoes!

- Melissa C.

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