ELEVATION | Single Origin, Organic Dark Roast

Organic, Single Origin Peruvian Arabica beans
Dark Roast, Smooth and balanced with a smokey finish. More details below



"...At the corner of your lips, As the orbit of your hips, Eclipse, you ELEVATE my soul"
- U2, Elevation

ELEVATION is a gorgeous Single Origin, Organic bean from Peru, Dark roasted with smokey flavor and a chocolate body. It's balanced with a mild, creamy and sweet finish and blends well with cream or is brilliant served black.

We loved giving this name to our single origin organic roast. It fits perfectly with our motto to help you #WakeUpRiseUp. There's just so much wordplay you can have with this name, our name and our mission... but more importantly with the origin of the beans.

There are few places more perfect for growing exquisite coffee than Peru.  An exotic country with the high (elevated) Andean mountains create micro-climates where superb shade-grown berries are picked by hand. To reach our roastery and your home, the Peruvian growers must pick the berries at high elevation, travel over treacherous mountain passes to bring them to market and eventually to your cup.

When you try Elevation, you'll understand. You'll wake up, you'll definitely RISE up.

What's it like to receive a bag of Stiletto Coffee?  Watch Alice in the video belo

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When you choose Stiletto Coffee you choose to help women.  

Stiletto Coffee is dedicated to its mission of helping women "Rise Up" and break their personal "glass-ceilings," whether they're in the boardroom or the family room.

That's why Stiletto is paying it forward and supporting women as we were supported by women who came before us.

We do this through support of women's charities and initiatives around the United States, micro-loans to women owned businesses around the world and in collaboration and support of the National Women's Association. 

So remember, the next time you smell Stiletto Coffee brewing, or feel the warmth of the mug in your hands as you go to take your first sip of the day, think of the woman somewhere, getting a little extra help...

She doesn't know you, but she thanks you.


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What Our Customers Are Saying

"I'm so glad I found you Stiletto! This is the best damn coffee I've ever had, and I'm picky!"

- Megan S.

"I love knowing that the coffee I drink makes a difference! #GirlPower!"

- Jenny B.

"I've was a barista for 6 years, I know coffee, these beans could win a taste test with anyone! "

- Andrea M.

"Coffee with a conscience! My 2 favorite addictions... coffee and shoes!

- Melissa C.

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